Grandma Davis, 1978

Merry Christmas, Elizabeth. Grandma Davis. 1978

Silky thin, it’s made from stretchy, lightweight polyester blends and has a pink back.

Swirling baskets, c. 1940

From an estate in Flanders, New York, it was attributed to an African American quilt maker. Large and heavy, it’s been very well cared for. Some of the prints and the quilting style place it in the first half of the 20th century, c. 1940.

Cross, c. 1950

This is a 2017 addition to the collection. Beautiful rich colors, incredible graphic appeal. Soft cotton blends, a piece of plaid, and framed in rich red. It’s hard to date this one, but the plaid, the ties, and simply how it feels in hand strikes me as mid 20th century.

Modern log cabin, c. 1900

This log cabin quilt was one of five tucked away in a chest in a southern Colorado estate. All five were sold online around 2005. The others were all a lot more complex in design. But I liked the clean lines, strong color and simplicity of this one. Men’s wool suiting, with a flannel back.

Blocks, c. 1930

Simplicity and color give this quilt strong graphic appeal. It’s one of the first I ever purchased, and a favorite still today. The back is dyed a deep blue, and it’s quite heavy. Perhaps there’s another quilt or a blanket inside. I’m dating it between 1920 and 1940, but would welcome other’s thoughts.